Monday, February 13, 2012

Are We Serious?

When Pastor Moss informs us of how industries, companies, governments, or even individuals, are taking advantage of the poor and disadvantaged among us, do we pay attention? And if we pay attention, do we change our behavior to try to tip the scales back towards “justice?”

Initially, in the fall of 2010, Pastor Moss identified the scandalous tactics being implemented by the Koch brothers, using their billions to manipulate both people and governments to serve their insatiable greed. Pastor warned us that the Koch brothers, owners of the “largest company you’ve never heard of,” were the secret funding source behind the Tea Party, and a staunch opponent of environment regulations. Since that time our congregation was encouraged to boycott Koch Industries’ brands so as not to finance our own destruction. Did we?

Now, thanks to insightful reporting by Bill Press of Tribune Media Services, we find that the Koch brothers have collected over 49 million dollars in “Anti-Obama” funding, and another writer indicates they have pledged 60 million dollars of their own. They are the principle funders of 57 right wing political action groups, including Americans for Prosperity, which alone spent $45M in the 2010 elections! Some key issues that AFP supports:
  • Repealing the Affordable Health Care Act
  • Repealing the Dodd/Frank Act that provides rules and regulations to reduce the chance of another banking system collapse
  • Opposition to the Clean Air Act's ability to address greenhouse gas emissions
  • Elimination of tax credits and subsidies for "green" technologies
  • Elimination of estate taxes (now only paid on the value of estates that is over $5 million)

If providing health care for all is a priority, if we are to be good stewards of the earth God has given to us, if we want a fair tax system and accountable banking system, we must be willing to work for it. Yes, it is a hassle keeping track of various boycotts and other socially conscious actions, and sometimes it feels like we are tossing beans at an elephant, but consistency is critical. If you haven't joined in the boycott of Koch Industries' products, please do. And, for those of you that are already taking part in this important action, please continue.
  • Brawny or Mardi Gras Paper Towels
  • Angel Soft, Soft ‘n Gentle or Quilted Northern Toilet Paper
  • Mardi Gras, Sparkle, Vanity Fair, Dixie or Zee Napkins
  • Dixie Plates, Bowls or Cups
  • Stainmaster Carpet
  • Any products from Georgia Pacific (building products)

Together we make a difference.

Daryle Brown
Trinity UCC Justice Watch Team

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