Sunday, May 22, 2011

It's a Matter of Priorities!

As our governments - local, state and federal - struggle to find ways to bring their budgets into balance, much of the conversation, indeed most of it, has centered on the cuts we must make to our social safety net. That metaphor is powerfully appropriate as I can visualize the very real people that will be falling through that net; to despair, to utter poverty, to exacerbated mental health issues, to a place of where no treatment’s available for health conditions, to no heat/no electricity, to no unemployment benefits, to no food stamps, to no public housing because of a failed drug test, to sleeping outdoors . . . Need I go on?

Meanwhile, what have you heard about cuts to the largest welfare recipients*:

  • Bank of America, with $4.4 Billion in profits last year, a $1 Trillion BAILOUT, and $1.9 Billion Tax Refund from the IRS
  • General Electric, who has cut 20% of its “American” jobs in the past 9 years, while growing jobs overseas, received a $4.1 Billion Tax Refund, while making $26 Billion in profits over the past 5 years
  • Goldman Sachs, made $2.3 Billion in profits, after receiving $800 Billion in BAILOUT money and paid . . . 1.1% in income taxes
  • Carnival Cruise Lines generated profits of $16 Billion over the past five years, but paid less than $200 Million in taxes
  • Citigroup paid ZERO taxes on $4 Billion in profits, after receiving a $2.5 Trillion BAILOUT
We, as a nation, can afford to care for “the least of these.” The money exists. It is simply a matter of priorities!

Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, is shouting loud and clear!

Asking you to Imagine . . . People over Profits!

Rev. Otis Moss III
Senior Pastor, Trinity UCC

*Figures adapted from “Senator Bernie Sanders’ Guide to Corporate Freeloaders”

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